WIN a Water-to-Go Travel Filter Water Bottle – Protect Yourself & The Planet

This competition post is in conjunction with Water-to-Go – a travel filter water bottle product I have been using and highly recommending for over two years.

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Whether your strolling the cities of mainland Europe, hiking in South America or getting off track in the wilderness of beyond, having access to safe drinking water is an absolute necessity. Unfortunately, when we travel we often have little choice but to buy bottled water when there is not a safe alternative. It’s become second nature to reach for a bottle of mineral water, yet those single-use water bottles are having a devastating impact on our planet. Recent reports indicate that plastic waste could outnumber fish in the ocean by the year 2050!

Awareness of filtered travel water bottles is increasing, and how the benefits and longevity of their usage far outweigh their initial cost – which in itself isn’t huge and in this case is a mere £12.99. I’ve been a huge fan of Water-to-Go since the companies for some years now after finding it at the Adventure Travel Show in London. I’m now on my third bottle, having worn them out by constantly being on the road.

And while the science isn’t always sexy, I’m a sucker for the new colour-ways they keep bringing out for these travel savvy water bottles that feature 3 in 1 filter technology developed for NASA. This technology filters out over 99.9% all bacteria, viruses, chlorine, fluoride and heavy metals such as lead from your water that can make you ill. I’m currently rocking the hot pink offering.

Water-to-Go took note of travellers requesting a smaller version of their standard 75cl filter bottle by releasing a 50cl GO! model intended more for everyday use… and I’m giving away one of each of the four colours: Black, Pink, Green & Blue.

This new style is so funky that even David Beckham has been spotted with one alongside adventurers including Ash Dykes and Dave Cornthwaite. It may be smaller than the 75cl model, but it features the exact same lightweight filtration system that eliminates over 99.9% of nasties, leaving you with healthy water wherever you are.

That means you can fill up from questionable tap water, mountain stream, canal, puddle and any other non-saltwater source and still be able to drink healthy, safe water without ever having to buy bottled water.

Anywhere in the world.

To get your hands on one of Water-to-Go’s travel water bottles, simply enter your details via the competition entry box below and leave a comment about why you love the look of this product and what colour you would chose to travel with.

Four winners will be chosen at random after 28 days. Water To Go will be notified of the winners after the competition ends on 7th January, who will contact the lucky adventurers directly to receive their prize.

The competition is open to readers worldwide.

The GO! filter system is in a 50cl re-usable plastic bottle that costs £12.99 and replacement filters cost £7.99. GO! is the only portable travel water bottle filter on the market that has a timer indicating when it is time to change your filter. Each filter lasts 130 litres or 2 months delivering water at less than 5p a litre, compared to £1.70 or more for a litre of bottled water). That’s a huge saving over time.

Not just for when I’m out adventuring, but I even take my empty water bottle through airport security and fill up from the toilet tap the other side. This also helps the environment by reducing the waste caused by single use plastic bottles, especially in parts of the world that don’t have recycling facilities.

Do you want one?

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